-Bar Snacks-

  • Edamame

    Juicy edamame bean pods steamed then tossed in a mix of sea salt and fresh lime.

    VND 45,000

  • Cajun Spiced Nuts

    A premium selection of cashews, almonds, pistachios, peanuts and beer malts warmed and tossed in a delicious blend of cajun spices.

    VND 65000

  • Pretzel & Cheese Sauce

    A European classic. Hot, soft, and chewy baked bread coated in sea salt and served with our home-made beer cheese sauce.

    VND 90,000

  • Killer Truffle Fries

    A generouse serving of our fries, topped with truffle oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and garlic.

    VND 120,000

  • Chilli Cheese Fries

    Hot, crispy, and lightly salted fries smothered in vegetarian chilli, sour cream and cheddar cheese. Perfect with every beer on the menu.

    VND 120,000-170,000

  • Nachos

    Corn chips piled high and covered in vegetarian chilli, Kurtz’s Insane salsa, hot peppers, sour cream, guacamole and melted cheddar cheese.

    VND 120,000-200,000


  • LGBT

    Lettuce, guacamole, bacon, tomato and mayonnaise. Stacked together on toasted sourdough.

    VND 170,000

  • Caprese Panini

    Fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomato, sun dried tomato, basil, parmesan cheese.

    VND 175,000

  • Smoked Pork
    Grilled Cheese

    This Decadent Sandwich is Heaven! We load 2 thick slices of Texas toast with sugar cane and coconut smoked pork, caramelized onions, cheddar and american cheese then butter the whole thing and grill it to perfection.


    VND 190,000

-Soup and Salad-

  • Soup of the day

    70,000 for cup
    120,000 for bowl

    VND 70,000

  • Mom’s Classic
    Caesar Salad

    The real deal! The Classic that put Tijuana, Mexico on the culinary map. Our Caesar puts all those wannabe creamy mayonnaise impersonators to shame. Once you try our Caesar you’ll never go back.

    VND 135,000-185,000

  • Goat Cheese Salad

    Goat cheese croquettes, slivered almonds, beets, cherry tomatoes, spring greens, creamy balsamic dressing and rustic croutons.

    VND 165,000

  • Kurtz Chopped Salad

    Loaded with chicken, bacon, fire roasted corn, avocado, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, scallions, tortilla strips and tossed in a creamy citrus-lime beer vinaigrette.

    VND 175,000

-Other delicious distractions-

  • Buffalo Wings

    Made famous in New York, this spicy and buttery sauce is the mother of all wing sauces!

    Six for VND 150,000
    Twelve for VND 280,000

    VND 150,000-280,000

  • Stout BBQ Wings

    This sweet, zesty, and smoky sauce will leave you licking your fingers clean!

    Six for VND 150,000
    Twelve for VND 280,000

    VND 150,000-280,000

  • Chicken Pesto Pasta

    We start with locally made fresh spinach fettuccine then add spicy sun dried tomatoes, grilled chicken breast and homemade pesto.

    VND 210,000

  • Beer Battered
    Fish & Chips

    A healthy portion of seabass battered in Penny Whistle Golden Ale then fried to crispy and golden perfection. Served with fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.

    VND 210,000

  • Banger & Mash

    Two beer braised bangers smothered in onion gravy with mash potatoes so good you’ll start singing God Save the Queen!

    VND 210,000

  • The Dance of Death Flatbread

    Beer smoked chicken, bacon, ranch dressing, green onions and mozzarella cheese.

    VND 180,000

  • Sharing Platter

    Not just for wine snobs anymore! This board is covered with everything a beer lover could want! Two cheeses, two meats, hop infused honey, crostini, crackers, pickled seasonal vegetables, tropical fruit chutney and hot peppers. 

    VND 400,000

  • Slider

    Cajun blackened catfish/ Classic cheeseburger/ Southern fried chicken/ Cuban-Korean Pulled Pork

    2 for VND 80,000
    4 for VND 160,000

    VND 80,000


  • Kurtz’s Sundae

    Our signature sundae is loaded with berry compote, whipped cream, a maraschino cherry and a vanilla wafer.
    Custom Crafted Ice-cream Sundaes by OSTERBERG

    VND 120,000

  • Director’s Cacao Nib Porter Sundae

    This decadent sundae is topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream and chocolate covered almonds.
    Custom Crafted Ice-cream Sundaes by OSTERBERG

    VND 120,000

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