Our Beers


Sacred Fire Golden Ale
4.5% – 28 IBU

Sacred Fire Golden Ale is our gateway to craft beer. The combination of delicate German pilsner malt with Crystal malt gives it a beautiful hue and a long, smooth finish with just a hint of caramel. Australian Galaxy hops are added to deliver a delicate hint of passion fruit. Our Golden Ale is a light, crisp and refreshing Ale with a playful, Asian twist. A beer that is low enough in alcohol to be enjoyed throughout those hot sunny days and well into the evening.


Pitiless Folly Pale Ale
5.8% – 38 IBU

Our take on the classic British Ale. Beautifully hoppy on the back of both Pale and Crystal malts with a beautiful copper hue and a sweet long finish. Using US Citra hops as the main hop it features tastes of grapefruit, lime, passion fruit and lychee and you may even be able to pick out hints of out melon and gooseberry. A clean and crisp Pale Ale with a lot of late edition hops and a flavor that will dance on your tongue.


Kurtz Insane IPA
7.1% – 102 IBU

IPA is the King of Craft beer and this IPA is Heart of Darkness flagship. A mixture of the great Columbus and Cascade IPA hops provide piney, citrus flavours with hints of bergamot and grapefruit. A big, hoppy beer which is not for the faint of heart.Recommended for experienced Craft beer drinkers and those that can appreciate big, bold, bitter flavours.


Patient Wilderness Wheat Ale
4.5% – 18 IBU

Classic unfiltered wheat beer. Straw coloured. Banana aroma and flavour from traditional Hefe Weizen yeast backed up by a hint of natural mango. Fruity and flavourful yet still light and easy drinking.


Primeval Forest Pilsner
5.3% – 35 IBU

A pilsner with a refreshing and flavourful twist. Using a combination of Australian and New Zealand hops, the light golden body compliments the fruity crushed gooseberry and lime flavours coming from the Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Ella hops. Perfect for Saigon’s hot climate and extended drinking sessions with friends.


  1. Gorgeous Apparition Bock
  2. Helmsman Steam Beer
  3. Inhumane IPA
  4. The Horror Black IPA
  5. Savage Heart Red Ale
  6. Futile Purpose Pilsner
  7. Directors Porter
  8. Lost Souls Pale Ale
  9. Dream-Sensation Wheat Beer
  10. Charlie’s Chocolate chili stout
  11. Merciless Logic IPA
  12. First Ages IPA
  13. Wicked Wheat
  14. Gliding Phantom Dark Mild
  15. Glimmer of Gold Pilsner
  16. Noble Expression Helles Bock
  17. Man-o-War American Amber
  18. Turn My Head IPA
  19. Dark Interloper Schwarzbier
  20. Pacific Shine Wheat
  21. Gone to Sea Gose
  22. Eloquent Phantom Imperial (Chocolate) Stout
  23. Magpie Dry Irish Stout
  24. Arrogant folly IPA
  25. Cipher Belgian Pale Ale
  26. Ironic Necessity Rye Pale Ale
  27. Shrunken Head IPA
  28. Empty Rifle Scottish Dubbel
  29. White Surf Berliner Weisse
  30. Flicker Fruity Wheat Beer
  31. Spectral Hoppy Wheat Beer
  32. Foreign Shores Belgian Tripel
  33. Ironic Necessity Rye Pale Ale

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