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  • Kurtz’s Insane IPA

    7.1% ABV


    102 IBUKurtz’s Insane IPA

    Flagship beer

    HEART OF DARKNESS' biggest, hoppiest beer. A wonderfully vibrant beer, with grapefruit and piney tones, we’ve crammed in 7 kinds of hops which deliver a full blown assault on your taste buds. This is a big, but beautifully balanced IPA, with a bright and fun bitter flavour - a true hop head's delight.

  • Primeval Forest Pilsner

    5.3% ABV


    35 IBUPrimeval Forest Pilsner

    Flagship beer

    A pilsner with a refreshing and flavorful twist. Using all New Zealand hops, the light golden body compliments the fruity crushed gooseberry and lime flavors coming from the Motueka and Nelson Sauvin. Perfect for Saigon’s hot climate and extended drinking sessions with friends.

  • Pitiless Folly Pale Ale

    5.8% ABV


    38 IBUPitiless Folly Pale Ale

    Flagship beer

    Our take on the classic British Ale. Beautifully hoppy on the back of both Pale and Crystal malts with a beautiful copper hue and a sweet long finish. Using US Citra hops as the main hop, it features tastes of grapefruit, lime, passion fruit, and lychee. You may even be able to pick out hints of melon and gooseberry. A clean and crisp Pale Ale with a lot of late edition hops and a flavor that will dance on your tongue.

  • Sacred Fire Golden Ale

    4.5% ABV


    28 IBUSacred Fire Golden Ale

    Flagship beer

    This is our gateway to craft beer. It has a beautiful hue and a long, smooth finish with just a hint of caramel and passion fruit. A light, crisp and refreshing ale with a playful, Asian twist which is low enough in alcohol to be enjoyed throughout those hot, sunny days and well into the evening. 

  • *Loose Rivet New England IPA

    7.5% ABV


    59 IBU*Loose Rivet New England IPA

    Flagship beer

    Pale and hazy in true “New England” fashion. Big pineapple, tangerine and stone fruit on the nose. Rich and creamy mouthfeel. Finishes with a tropical kick of lime, guava and pomelo.

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  • 9% ABV


    80 IBU*Eloquent Phantom
    Imperial Stout


    Four hops, three malts, two sugars, two spirits, one spice, one wood; it goes without saying that this is a complex beer. Very rich and full-bodied, lifted by the judicious use of American spirits and Madagascan spice. Oak conditioning adds another layer of complexity. A beer to sip and enjoy. Pair with roast meats, rich desserts, or dark chocolate.

  • 6.3% ABV


    45 IBUDirector’s
    Cacao Nib Porter


    Our soft , dark porter base infused with Vietnamese cacao nibs. Dark brown, almost black, in colour. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate on the nose. Flavour of rich, dark chocolate with a touch of tart, deep red berries. Finishes long and smooth with a hint of roast. Sumptuous!

  • 7.3% ABV


    45 IBU*Vast Country
    New England IPA


    Pale orange in colour, creamy mouthfeel, this characteristically hazy & juicy IPA wallops your taste buds with peach, passionfruit, nectarine, lime, mango and all other bits tropical. Just bitter enough to be balanced, this is Tropical fruit juice in a glass.

  • 4.2% ABV


    24 IBUConquistador’s
    Mexican Pilsner


    A bit of salt, a touch of lime, a go-to beer at the beach or with a plate of nachos, this Mexican inspired beer is an easy drinker. Grainy sweetness with a lemon-lime hop note, celebrate in style.

  • 5.7% ABV


    37 IBUDream Alone Pale Ale


    Pale gold in colour. Lush tangerine and mango on the nose. Medium, balanced body. Finishes with big juicy notes of peach, citrus and blueberry. Single hop pale ale showcasing Mosaic from the US.

  • High Strung

    6.3% ABV - 49 IBU


    A ‘hoppy wheat’. A relatively new style born of a collaboration between a US and a German brewery. Ours is pale and hazy. Banana, mango and grape on the nose. Rich wheat body. Bright citrus and green grape flavours mellowing into a banana and clove finish from the yeast.

  • Feeble Screech
    Session IPA

    5% ABV - 42 IBU


    All the flavour kick of an IPA, without the alcohol punch. Pale in colour. It has a peach, lemon and floral nose. Light bodied and easy drinking. Smooth citrus and floral flavours. Finishes tasty and tangy but not overly bitter.

  • Crawl Away
    White IPA

    7.3% ABV - 63 IBU


    A big portion of wheat malt gives an off-white appearance. Bright citrus and fresh nectarine on the nose. Soft and creamy body. Finishes with a big resiny burst of lemon, lime and grapefruit.

  • White Cuffs
    Milk Stout

    4.6% ABV - 27 IBU


    Pours jet black in colour. Rich milk chocolate on the nose. Silky smooth body. Decadent chocolate notes of dark cherry, blueberry and vanilla in the mouth. Served on nitro to highlight that silky, creamy, chocolatey decadence!

  • Mute Spell

    6.3% ABV - 50 IBU


    Pale gold in colour. Bright citrus and tropical fruit on the nose. Medium bodied. Flavours of melon, pear and pineapple. Finishes juicy. Four US hops deliver a tropical fruit salad to your senses.

  • Moral Shock
    New England Pilsner

    5.1% ABV - 20 IBU


    Hazy blonde in colour. Bright citrus aroma. Light bodied. Refreshing juicy lemon and gooseberry notes. Crisp finish. Our mash-up of a New England IPA and an un-filtered, un-pasteurised Czech Pilsner, both hugely popular in their native lands.

  • Magic Current
    Belgian Dark Mild

    4.6% ABV - 19 IBU


    Dark and rich with deep spice notes. Dark brown in colour. Hints of star anise, cinnamon and chocolate on the nose. Medium bodied. Flavours of dark fruit and earthy spice. Silky chocolate finish. Cake batter in a glass.

  • Penny Whistle
    Golden Ale

    4.6% ABV - 34 IBU


    Pale gold in colour. Bold lemon and a touch of sweet malt on the nose. The British Marris Otter malt lends a soft malty body. Flavour dominated by ripe citrus with dill in the background. Finishes gently bitter. Easy drinking and more-ish. Pairs with Fish and Chips.

  • Noble Cause

    5.3% ABV - 35 IBU


    Bright gold in color, citrus & floral spice on the nose, medium body and finishing on a crisp note with soft lemon, floral & herbal spice. Five different noble hops, five times the love.

  • Scalphunter
    Double IPA

    8.1% ABV - 99 IBU


    Pale red in colour. Peach, pine and passionfruit on the nose.  Very rich and full bodied. Flavours of stone fruit, pine and spice. A big, gutsy beer that could have your hair off if you’re not careful!

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