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 How the Darkness Descended...


“The mind of man is capable of anything.” 
― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness 



Heart of Darkness 

The story begins during Founder & CEO John Pemberton’s time living in New York City during the 2000’s where he fell in love with the American craft beer scene and its never-ending pursuit of quality and innovation.

John at HOD

Fast forward ten years and that love materialized when Heart of Darkness was founded in 2016 by a group of friends living in Saigon with the goal of becoming Asia’s premium craft beer brand.

Reflecting those inspirations, Heart of Darkness produces over 100 new beers a year and has collected numerous medals in competitions around the Pacific rim.



Heart of Darkness Brewery Craft Beer Vietnam 002 

Heart of Darkness brewery is located about 20km north of Saigon, Vietnam with a flagship gastropub in Saigon city center of District 1. Our product is available nationally in Vietnam serving an ever-growing number of accounts in North, Central and Southern regions.

In addition to Vietnam, Heart of Darkness is currently being distributed internationally in Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong. May of 2019 marks our first international venue with the opening of Heart of Darkness Singapore.


"Heart of Darkness"?

The novel Heart of Darkness was written in 1899 by Joseph Conrad and was John’s favorite book as he grew up in England.

The book is about the spirit of exploration, the desire of quenching ambitions, which has always fueled humanity’s journey into the dark unknown. This is the prime inspiration behind the naming the company, Heart of Darkness 

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